Colosseum strives to become the safest and most dangerous place on the planet. To achieve this, we hold three values at the core of all our work and expect those that attend our shows to respect these values.


Awareness is the key to respect.


Be aware that every challenger deserves the chance to be annihilated in combat. Use of vulgar or discriminative language towards our talent, staff, or audience shall not be tolerated and you will be fed to the lions.


Trust in the superhuman professionals.

What happens in the squared circle is done by some of the most talented and well-trained professionals on the planet. Please do not attempt to enter the ring as we prefer to keep our audience members alive.


Discipline gives meaning in chaos.

Our staff are always available to assist anyone in need, though they are also there to keep the environment safe for everyone involved. If they ask for your cooperation, please listen to and respect their voice.